September 19, 2020




Self-hating white SJW group takes virtue signaling to a disturbing new levelA group of Black Lives Matter protesters got into it with another group of self-hating whites who showed up in chains and back lashings to demonstrate alongside them.The self-hating white group, who call themselves Stand As One, appeared to have offended the BLM protesters in Charleston, South Carolina, because of their shockingly realistic appearance as abused slaves clad in chains, complete with cosmetic bloody whip lashes on their backs.

Henry Lara was born and raised in Los Angeles. In 2015 he had the itch to get face to face stories from real everyday Angelenos throughout our beloved Los Angeles. Henry has gathered over 250 of these stories in the past five years. He has a great love for Los Angeles, for its everyday people and for its history. He’s gathered all these stories in search of what Los Angeles and it’s people are all about.”Los Angeles is full of life. You have people here who without them, the city wouldn’t run. They are the engine that makes the city run. I’ve also set out to gather the darker side. Some stories are pleasant and some are not. But I’m out to get the truth. I want the people’s voices of LA to be heard. Their voice is a reality. I hope you enjoy them.

Henry Lara lives in Boyle Heights

He has been published in Dryland, and in Brazil. He will be published by Zyzzyva literary magazine in the Fall of 2020. You can find more of his work on Instagram under:

The white guilt group was eventually pushed out of the area by the BLM protesters, who were in Marion Square on Monday calling for the removal of a statue of John C. Calhoun, a pro-slavery Democrat vice president, when the virtue-signaling liberal whites arrived.“What if the roles were reversed?!” yells a black member of the “white slave” group as the “woke” whites frog marched single-file in a line, dirty, humiliated, and chained up while led by a black “slave owner” yelling things like “don’t look in my eyes!”. A sign can be seen reading “What if this was your history?


“I was eight when I fell in love with Lucha Libre back in Jalisco, MX. My favorite wrestler was Ramon “Ray” Mejia. He was very acrobatic. I also liked El Rayo de Jalisco. I used to go watch them at the local arena. My aunt sold tacos there and always snuck me in. I was a happy chamaco. I remember them flying in slow motion. Era una bellesa. In ’74 my wife and I moved to LA to better our lives. The following year I heard a commercial on a Spanish radio station. They were looking for luchadores. I immediately called. They asked me how big I was? I told them I was a big guy. When they saw me, they immediately took me in. After three years of training, I made my debut in ’78 at a dance hall on Main and 25th St. A good friend billed me as Doctor Muerte. I was living a dream. I became a tag team wrestler and started slamming in churches, dance halls and school gyms. After a few years, I was put on cards at the Olympic Auditorium. To have matches in a venue where many greats fought, felt unreal. I was proud to get my ass beat there. I began having matches in Hermosillo, Ensenada, Tijuana and Bakersfield. I was paid an average of $125 per match. Sometimes all they provided was room and board, but I did it for the love of it, never for the money. I rubbed shoulders with greats such as Mil Mascaras and Rey Misterio Sr. I fought in over 2K matches including 15 Royal Rumbles winning a little over half of my matches. I became the CLLP (Club Latino de Luchadores Profesionales) tag team champ in ’83. In ’90 I broke my pelvic area, my knee and messed up my neck. It was ugly. Pero soy terco. After a year of rehab, I was back at it again. My wife and I began having issues due to my passion to wrestle. Luckily she hung in there and became my biggest supporter. In 2006 I was unmasked. My head was sliced and I began to cry. My daughter was next to me. It was dramatic. It’s a big deal when you get unmasked. It was basically the end for me. In 2012 I was honored by both the FMLL and CLLP for my contributions to Lucha Libre Mexicana. Todavia puedo! Come, I’ll show you.” *Lorenzo Sierra delivers building materials throughout LA. At 69, he can still somersault


I’m a German-Mexican from South Central LA dog! My jefe was a military sergeant for 17 years. He died when I was cinco. All my tios were military men too. My life might have turned out diferente if he would have been around to see me grow up. We lived in Glendale when he was alive but as soon as he passed, we moved our asses to South Central. 63rd and Hoover was my chante(home). At 16 I joined one of the biggest gangs in LA called Florencia. I started partying with sherm and all the fine rucas. Believe it or not but I was a certified Arc welder for a while. I did big jobs, pero tu sales dog, the partying took over my life. I’ve done time in Pelican Bay, Tehachapi and Corcoran to name a few. I want to say that I’ve shaped up a bit you know how it is, one bad temptation and I can be back in la pinta


Says group of black men attacked him in a parking lot

Abilene resident Niko Nance, who is black, claims he was beaten for wearing a t-shirt that said “white lives matter too.”Nance posted a picture of himself wearing the shirt on Facebook. A few hours later, he claims he was beaten by several black men in the parking lot of a local bar.”I was bleeding from my nose and mouth.” said Nance. “I didn’t think people would be like this.” Nance claims he was punched and thrown to the ground.He said he never reported it to police. A few hours later, that picture he posted on Facebook went viral.There are thousands of likes and shares and hundreds of comments — some good, some not so good — from all over the country.Nance said he had the t-shirt made to spread the message that we are all equal.”I wanted to show my support for other cultures also that are supporting us because that’s the way to be a union,” said Nance. Nance — who supports the Black Lives Matter movement — said the recent riots and violent protests have had a negative effect on him. “The violence right now is not the dream Martin Luther King had,” said Nance.We asked him if he would wear the t-shirt again.”Definitely, because I stand for something bigger,” said Nance.

pronto dog! My lady kicked me out cause she caught me doing sherm. So I’m out here on the streets. Skid Row ain’t shit compared to the Califa Prisons I’ve been to. This is easy out here. I just feel bad for some of these ladies out here. But some of them lost their heads so I’m not sure they know what hit’em. The only bad thing is hunger. I think hunger is worst than violence. In a way, all of us are violent against each other. Most of us fend for ourselves. Cada quien con su rola homie. My favorite soda is Mountain Dew and I eat anything bro, but I love me a good burrito de care asada. I’m a big-time Laker and Steelers fan. I gotta admit I cried when Kobe died. I literally cried for three days. It’s funny how we can feel more for someone you never met vs someone you share a bed with. Stay up dog! Friendly fire is what’s happening with this whole coronavirus fiasco. Cuidate, cuz no one’s got your back. This is why I’ve always lived mi vida loca.” *Ricky lives in a tent in the heart of Skid Row. He has plans to sweet talk his girl so he can have a home again.



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