September 19, 2020



Community Police Advisory Board and Police Business Association of Hollenbeck

The CPAB continues to meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Captain Stabile provided crime statistics for the LAPD Hollenbeck Area for the month of March. The stats include January through March of 2020 and compare them to the same time period for 2019. Homicide was down -25%, Rape down -20%, Robbery down -30%, Aggravated Assaults up 3.2% Burglary up +3.2 %, Grand Theft Auto up23.6%, Theft down -18.5%, Shots Fired up 21.6%, Shooting Victims up 52.6%. There was a large release of prisoners within the jails. A number of them continued to commit crimes upon release. Several criminals were caught numerous times for the same crimes after being released over and over again. Local business owner said that shoplifting is not only hurting retailers but is also becoming a safety concern for consumers. Residents have seen people go into a local grocery store, steal alcohol and other items and walk out the front door with the items. They know no one is going to prosecute them. When the security guard confronted the person, the culprit walked away from the store. The guard said that the same thing has happened numerous times by the same person and others. The state of California mandated no-bail for low level misdemeanor and felony arrests. Neighborhood Prosecutor, Cynthia Gonzalez, reported that the homeless are being moved from freeway areas due to the air pollution. Tents are being allowed during the day on public property and seizure of homeless peoples’ property will be stored for 90 days. The L.A. County is implementing Project Roomkey. An initiative to house homeless individuals in hotel rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic. The city has not been able to keep up with the street trash. The city clean up crews are “leading with services, rather than law enforcement.” Board members expressed their concern regarding the number of homeless within the community and the trash that they leave behind. Graffiti continues to be a problem in some areas more than others. The Councilman’s Office has a sub-contractor that has done a good job of getting most graffiti abated within a day. The loud explosives/fireworks continue and are harming the sick, the elderly, the young and pets. The disturbances are becoming more than just a nuisance. The elimination of bail, the passage of prop 47, and 57, along with the media attacks on law enforcement have created an environment ripe for crime. Proposition 47, also referred to as The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, decriminalized drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor, which removed law enforcement’s ability to make an arrest in most circumstances and therefore the court’s ability to order drug rehabilitation programs. Another factor of the proposition was to raise the theft threshold to $950 per location, also making it

a misdemeanor for a felony. Also, the state might close three of its state prisons. The California Criminal Sentencing, Parole and DNA Collection Initiative (formerly known as the Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act) will be on the ballot in November. It will help fix some of the consequences of propositions 47 and 57. It will require a parole board to consider an inmate’s entire criminal history (prop. 57 allows nonviolent felons to qualify for early release, and also made it to where the parole board can
only consider an inmate’s most recent charge, not previous crimes) when considering release. It would reduce the high limit of $950 down to $250 on a third conviction for petty theft, which can allow the district attorney’s office to do a” wobbler”(charge as a misdemeanor or a felony). The Initiative is designed for repeat offenders who continue to commit crimes knowing that the consequences are minimal. There are things that people can do to help put a bite in crime and violence. Talk to your Senior Lead Officer or attend a CPAB meeting and request info on how to set up a Neighborhood Watch Program. Make sure your streets and homes are well lighted. Develop and share a phone list of local organizations that can provide counseling, job training, guidance, and other services that can help neighbors. Develop and share a phone list of LAPD, and City Services. The CPAB is looking for new members.
If you are interested please contact Officer Elsa Gomez at (323)342-4140 or talk with area’s Senior Lead Officer. The CPAB meets
on Wednesdays of each month at the Hollenbeck Community Police Station
at 6:00pm. There is a Public Comment period on the agenda. The public can let the Captains and Senior Lead Officers know their concerns during the Public Comment period. Police Business Association of Hollenbeck The PBA is a non-profit organization comprised of business owners and community members within the LAPD Hollenbeck area. The association supports Police sponsored youth activities, local non-profit organizations and encourages community involvement in crime reduction efforts. The PBA has helped the Hollenbeck Police Station by offsetting costs not covered by the
the LAPD’s operating budget. Steve Kasten, local business man and the PBA Vice-President, called for a PBA meeting in March. Meetings are held at the Hollenbeck Community Police Station and includes Captain Stabile, Sergeant Galvan and Officer Gomez. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the PBA had to cancel this year’s Annual Steve Gajda Memorial Golf Tournament. The Tournament is the main source of funding for the association and will affect the events this year. Business woman and PBA member, Jacqueline Munoz, has altered the upcoming annual “Youth Awards Banquet”, due to the COVID-19. Ms. Munoz said, “ It will still happen, our local youth need to be honored for their community work, especially during this time of crises.” Last year it was a spectacular event held at the Police Academy. Jacqueline and Margaret Amador are working on a way to use social media for the event. The Annual “Salute to Our Officers” will take place at the Hollenbeck Community Police Station on July 16th. The event will be adjusted to comply with social distancing. The Officers will be treated to a BBQ, music, raffles, children’s appreciation letters children’s art, and dance. The PBA is working on several other events for later this year. For more information find the PBA of Hollenbeck on Facebook or e-mail;


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