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The Secret to Effective Newspaper Advertising: The Lincoln Star Newspaper

NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING can provide you with exposure and leads, but your response rate will probably be less than overwhelming in comparison to other expensive advertising mediums, such as broadcast advertising.

Advertising in our local community Lincoln Star newspapers is less so and may provide a more focused advertising approach. If your business trade is localized, it certainly makes more sense to focus on the community and local paper that your customers are more likely to read.

Running ads in major metropolitan newspapers can be effective if your product or service offering is strong enough or unique enough to pull in customers from throughout the readership or circulation area. Chances are that your competitors will be spending money on newspaper advertising, too. Remember that this will reduce the effectiveness of your newspaper advertising campaign, because you will be competing for your customers attention and mind share.

The Lincoln Star newspaper advertising is sold by the column inch. Different advertising classifications may have different rates. For instance, a service directory advertisement is less expensive per column inch than a small ad placed on a regular editorial page. We offer discounts for contract advertisers, depending upon the volume of space they commit to over the course of a contract year which is 6 issues.

A Few Basic Pointers on Writing Your Own Newspaper Ad


Get readers attention with a headline or an eye catching phrase. Keep it short and simple, and avoid the use of controversial phrases or slang.

Copy Length

Use a copy length that supports your message. Long copy looks informative and is good for technical or business products. Short copy leaves room for graphics. This combination is appropriate for an image ad selling fashion, home decor, and other lifestyle products.


Use comparative advertising phrases such as, You have tried the others. Now try us! only if your product or service has an obvious advantage over the offerings of your competitors.


The body of the ad should list benefits or reasons why the customers should buy your product or service now. Emphasize the customer by using the word you, instead of the word we. Use bulleted text to highlight key points.


The closing copy should make the sale possible by including any contact, telephone, website, address, or other ordering information necessary for the consumer to act on his or her purchasing decision.

Product Ad Tips

Concentrate your product ad dollars on large ads rather than on frequent ones. Develop a punchy headline and include snappy illustrations or photos. Include sell copy for the serious potential buyer. And don not forget to tell prospects where they can purchase your product.

Service Ad Tips

Run service ads where prospective customers will typically see them. The service directory of the local newspaper is usually an appropriate spot. Service ads need to clearly state the nature of the service offered. A great headline is not necessary because the prospect is generally already interested in obtaining the type of service you are offering. But you do need to convey a powerful competitive message through your ad. This advantage can take the form of a free trial, new customer offer, special bonus, or free estimate. If your competitors advertise on any particularly strong points that have great consumer appeal, match those points. And highlight a unique reason for clients to call on you first. Some service seekers call every service provider for quotes, some call two or three, and some call one. Make sure yours is the first call made.

Generous Offers

People expect to see sale and specials advertised in newspapers. Whether you are advertising products or services, try to offer a special price or bonus to your customers. Make the offer generous. Ten percent off the regular price, especially in this age of national discount retailers and competitive pricing, just will not cut it.

It costs a lot of money to run ads, and response is often iffy, so offer deep discounts on a limited range of products or services. This is a tactic that lures the customers in and, ideally, while they are browsing, they will purchase other non discounted items that have a higher margin. In a best case scenario, they will become regular customers.

Special Rates

Large metropolitan newspapers and many small local or regional newspapers offer a lower ad rate called the local or retail rate to local or retail businesses. If you are selling a product through local retailers, you will save money if you get the retailer to place the ad, even if you reimburse the retailer for all costs involved. In some industries, however, the retailer typically shares some portion of the ad space with the manufacturer or supplier.