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image The Lincoln Star plays an important, irreplaceable role in our lives. We cover high school and community sports. We keep track of events at schools and weekend gatherings that are what makes our community great. We tell you what is coming in entertainment.

​We cover what is happening and serve as watchdogs of local agencies. Do you want to go to every city council or school board meeting and keep track of the happenings? If not, do you want someone to do it for you? We do that. When the Community Beacon newspaper went away, local agencies could go crazy, because no one is watching. The Lincoln Star newspaper is much more authoritative than the local blogger.

​Local newspapers are where we turn when we need to have a broader focus. They are where we turn when there is crime or a fire in our neighborhood. They are where we turn when our child graduates from high school and we want to see photos. Newspapers cover all those things. And you know what else? Newspapers pay reporters and photographers and editors.

Newspapers pay receptionists and payroll clerks and the folks who design advertisements (so you do not have to pay 100 percent of the cost). Newspapers pay the people who work the printing press and those who make sure the newspaper gets delivered. And trust me, while newspapers pay all those people, none of the employees are getting rich. If we let local newspapers go away, the first losers will be those who make a living there. But the biggest losers will be our communities, which will lose something impossible to replace. Please support The Lincoln Star, bi-monthly, beginning in November 2018 - we print stories that count, from people who care. nonstop news coverage Free newspapers are distributed free of charge.