Our open journalism takes bigger stories to a bigger audience and we invest in developing those relationships.

As we break more of the stories that matter, the city increasingly turns to the Lincoln Star. But our journalism isnít just influential. Itís open. Weíre digitally led, actively involving our audiences and driving a networked, participatory news agenda. Our distinctive and timely journalism encourages readers to return interact, participate and share.

This is where we tell the stories that must be told. This is where you will develop how to tell those stories through text, pictures, social media, interactives, imagery and video.

Business Operations

The business of driving our local success.

Your professional talents could play a vital role in our mission of promoting and sustaining independent journalism in perpetuity. After all, it takes a huge variety of skills to deliver an ambition this big. You are never just part of a company here. You are part of our cause.


The relationships we hold are fundamental to everything we do.

At The Lincoln Star News & Media we embrace open collaboration on a regional scale. We encourage teams to come together, be accountable, feel empowered to take decisions and to experiment. The learning opportunities are vast. With hugely talented teams in Lincoln Heights , El Sereno and with reporters and correspondents around North East Los Angeles the Lincoln Star is and always will be a local influential and independent voice with regional, agenda-setting news at our core.

Together we can achieve a greater future for TLS, our audiences and communities we serve. We hire like minds into a wide range of editorial, digital, commercial and professional roles. Be part of our ongoing evolution.


The relationships we hold are fundamental to everything we do.

With connections in the Lincoln Heights, El Sereno and Boyle Heights, Montecito Heights, Rose Hills, University Hills, Monterey Hills, Glassell Park , Atwater Village, Cypress Park, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Mt. Washington, The Lincoln Star News & Media are a truly regional news organization. The digital editions cover local and regional news for an online global audience. Teams comprise of individuals with expertise across editorial, commercial, technology and business support.

Our Diversity Statement

We value and respect all differences in all people (seen and unseen) at the Lincoln Star. We aspire to inclusive working experiences and an environment that reflects the audience we serve, where our people have equal access to career development opportunities, their voices are heard and can contribute to our future.